About me

Modern Day Kitchen Gardens

My Modern Day Kitchen Garden is located in a metropolis known as the Quad Cities, home to 400,000 people. My lot is just under 1/3 of an acre. It sits on your average sub-“urban” street, not far from the downtown area. It is surrounded by many roads used each day by city people going here and there. My home is considered a newer home since it was built in 1968. Many of the others were built in the 40s and 50s or even earlier. Those closer to the river, are over 100 years old. 


About 23 yrs ago, I was diagnosed with slow-growing incurable cancer. It changed my life and introduced me to learn to live more of an organic/chemical-free life.

We don’t have a lot of space in the city, so we have to use our entire lot to grow food. That means we have to integrate our perennial, annual, and biennial growing plants. Our homes need to work with nature, not against her. It is where we should encourage each other to grow organic food, flowers, herbs and create a community “together in the heart of our cities.

Since 2010, I have been helping people in my community grow healthy food outside their doors. I am an advocate of tearing up your lawns, growing food, and replacing some of our urban landscape with pollinator-friendly ones to create biodiversity.

june 23 California Giant Petunia+ Old fash Take 2 036

I research vegetables, herbs, and flowers that grow best in containers, small spaces, vertically, mixed beds, or in less than ideal growing conditions, which most urban /city gardeners encounter. At the end of each growing season, I evaluate which were the most successful. The goal is to grow year-round nutrient-dense food using organic growing techniques throughout the year.


Welcome to our sustainable garden that includes biodiversity at the heart of its being.


Happy Organic Gardening

Quad Cities, Illinois

M.S in Education, a former modern dancer in my younger years( many moons ago-LOL), biking nut, organic gardener,  and caretaker/builder of nature. I credit my Modern Day Kitchen Garden for helping keep me plugging along.


I am thankful each day to wake up and work in a garden that has blessed me to help others learn to create an oasis right in the heart of the city to heal them and nature. Why don t you become an Ambassador of Change on your block or street where you live. One person can make a difference. I hope you decide to be that one person today.

Watch the “Domino effect.”

our cities will change one garden at a time

I agape you!

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