Pruning is not just for the Garden



Our bodies know how to “prune”  where is needed to make sure disease does not become overgrown and cause us problems!In 2015, I wrote this article for my blog post. Recently several people in our family and friends network are forever changed by disease. Some may pass away from their illness and others may have a lifelong struggle to keep their condition in check. I understand this as I go through my 6 months check up with complete CT in May.  I have been living with my cancer for 18 yrs. I grow food to keep me healthy and hope to get you all to pay attention and start producing some of your own food.


I LOVE Ted Talks and this past winter I spent a lot of time riding my bike inside and listening to TED Talks. I came across Dr. Li this winter, and he has changed my ideas of what a Modern Day Kitchen Garden/Urban Potager should become if we want to heal our bodies. I need to make more room for the most important plants to help me battle the disease that afflicts my loved ones in my family. Our gardens are living medicine. They provide the food that we can nurture our bodies to fight disease, and they also can be a “haven” away from the stresses of life.

Dr. William Li has spent decades researching and promoting an idea that sounds too good to be true; that many of the world’s diseases, ranging from cancer to diabetes to obesity, have a relatively simple solution. We just have to starve the cells that cause disease by inhibiting angiogenesis, the technical term for the growth of the new blood vessels that feed them….read more (here)

Fresh Raspberries
If you try to purchase “organic” raspberries in the store they cost too much ….tear up part of that lawn and put in a few bushes! That simple…

Each person needs to learn about his research and listen to this man! His research is groundbreaking ( even in 2018!) and for those of us that grow organic food gives us even more validation that what we are doing is helping us and others!

He equips us with the “Science” to prevent disease not wait till it takes hold of our body…it empowers us to do something rather than wait to fight the disease! Understanding how your body battles condition is the first step in preventing diseases-don’t you think?

Dr. Li answering a question-

What’s an emerging trend you think will shake up the health world?

“Understanding that food is the chemotherapy we take three times per day is a game changer. We are learning that Mother Nature has imbued many foods–fruits, vegetables, herbs, seafood, tea, coffee, even chocolate–with natural substances that can cut off the blood vessels that feed cancer and other diseases. Eating to starve cancer will pull the rug from under the cancer epidemic, and in a way that puts control in the hands of consumers, not doctors. Using foods that prevent angiogenesis is a strategy that can cut across socioeconomic, cultural, and geographic barriers.”

This week I am weeding my strawberries, and I put another one in last spring! They make a great ground cover. Join the “Eat your Lawn” Movement!

Please take a few minutes from your day to listen to his Ted Talk-he is BRILLIANT + he will encourage you to tear up your lawn and grow your organic disease-fighting foods. He has the “science” behind his words. If you listen, you can see how it can help you “prevent” disease! Yep, all we need to do is “grow” our medicine. It is all here on earth and our bodies naturally “prune” the blood vessels that cause disease. He uses the analogy of a “Tree” to describe how disease starts in our bodies. If you feed your bodies the right food; it takes care of disease. We all have microscopic cancer cells floating around in our bodies, but they never develop beyond that point because they are not able to develop “roots” or blood supply.

I am not a doctor/scientist, so listen to his lecture and learn what foods you can grow right out your door to eat or starve disease!  Today start learning how to “Eat to Beat” or for some ” Eat to Prevent” diseases. What you eat does matter. There is research right now that “rates” foods and scores them based on their ability to fight disease. Read more(here)

Spring Strawberries perfect for salads!

Tear up that yard + grow more of your medicine out your door! I did 15 years ago when I read about “angiogenesis” in an article. I did listen, and I believe many of the medicine we need can be grown right where we live. Surely you can fit a few of these plants into the landscape of your life. I have over the years and,  I believe the work to keep these foods growing on my small property keeps me in shape. Growing your food keeps your body healthy!

Palm Rae Urban Potager is going to have a MAKEOVER this year! My goal is to decide which of these disease-fighting antiangiogenic foods can be grown in my zone 5 gardens + how can I best keep an antiangiogenic garden going so my body can prune disease daily.

I have been learning to grow and include more of these foods in my daily diet. Here is a list of vegetables that “scientific research” proves to help us battle disease daily.


Listen to his TED TALK” (here)

read more about his organization (here)

A whole page devoted to EACH food that fights disease -) read about each one (here)

Make 2018 the year you start “growing” your own medicine right where you live.

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  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    Excellent post as always.


    1. Robbie says:

      🙂 are too kind!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    I love your enthusiasm, Robbie, and your photos add to that. You make gardening and eating healthy food exciting! ❤


    1. Robbie says:

      lol:-) Eliza you always make my day!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Benjamin says:

    Great post, Robbie! We are gearing up for another fun-filled gardening season at the Nest of Squirrels! Love the idea that tasty, homegrown goodies can boost our health. Cheers to Kale, Garlic & all the rest! 🙂


    1. Robbie says:

      I agree! I was able to eat my kale until February this year. I even left it uncovered:-) I am excited for this year, but this spring is having a hard time starting. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I have trays all over the house that need to go out:-) BUT it snowed this weekend! YIKES!


  4. Kathy Sturr says:

    I made my way through the giant book of “How Not to Die” this winter and it is certainly eye-opening to learn that yes, foods can battle and feed cancer. I’ve always believed that cancer is a man-made disease. I have been eating fresh greens – love them so bitter – all winter. I lack in eating berries … I will plant some more blueberries and strawberries at the lake and hope to harvest some for myself. You are an inspiration Robbie!


    1. Robbie says:

      Good Morning Kathy-I’ve wanted to read that book. Dr. Greger from Nutrition I enjoy his video-posts and have watched his lectures on You Tube. He is very knowledgeable. I put in some aronia bushes a few weeks ago. I took out some old trees and I am replacing with other fruit trees. I find organic fruit too expensive!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Robbie says:

        oh by the way I am reading the books about Art in the Garden you are reading-if you lived near me we could of switched!


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