Changes coming to Palm Rae Urban Potager blog for 2018

2011 front yard, orange zinnia veggies sept 9th 003_edited-1

I started this blog 8 yrs ago, and I have attempted to keep up to date, over the years with what is going on in my Modern day-Urban Potager. I have enjoyed all the people I have met through blogging.  Sadly, some of them have quit blogging, no longer post, or have passed away. I never have been a consistent blogger or found time to spend reading many of the blogs to keep up to date with what is going on in the world of garden blogging.

 I want to continue sharing information about growing plants, food, providing for nature and working to promote fewer lawns in our cities. However, I am finding that I just don’t have time to visit daily or weekly at blogs to establish a community on my blog. I have noticed that people visit my blog and may not comment or subscribe but they come back for information. Therefore, I do not want to discontinue as a voice from the urban growing arena.

As I get more involved with projects in my community and building relationships with others around me growing food, nature and changing our environment. I just don’t have time to sit at my computer for long periods and read everyone’s blogs. I stop by a few blogs, I have enjoyed. To build a community you have to engage every day. I just don’t have that time anymore in my life….BUT,  

As a butterfly, my time to change and move on is now. I will continue to share what I find and do weekly, but comments will be closed on my blog for the future. You can e-mail me anytime with questions or just to say hello! I will continue to visit some of my favorite blogs. I am going to make Palm Rae Urban Potager more like an informational website over the next few years. It will be for the Urban Growing. There are not too many blogs out there that are dealing with our growth in urban settings. I will never have land to grow all my food on, but I sure do utilize my city lot to grow a considerable amount of my food.

This month, I am starting all my seedlings. Next week, stop by to see what I am starting from seed. It may be snowing outside, but inside under lights, we are growing!!!