Do you ever find life repeats itself?


I am busy right now potting up plants for people, germinating native plants, putting in Purple Passion Asparagus, Red Haven Peach, American Plum, Elderberry, Aronia Berries, Brazel Berry Blueberry, Triple Crown + Chester Blackberries, strawberries, Honey Berries, and Hinnomaki Red Gooseberry. I have not had any time to sit down to write a post or even enjoy our spring tulips. 2016 is the year; I plan to finish the edible part of our landscape in our back area. I am still pondering our front yard, but we have a problem with deer in our urban area. They jump fences and live in the ravines. One day, I saw a group of them running down the middle of our city road. People were hanging out in their backyard, and they were unable to maneuver the small path between their houses.

My spring blooms are the same as last year, but I have to admit they don’t look as nice as they did last year for we had a week of hot, weather here in the midwest with no rain for a week and a half. This weekend it was in the 80’s two days! My spring blooms don’t look that good, so I decided to share my post of my spring flowers from last year. They look much better with April showers. I heard someone’s air conditioner turn on the other day when I was in the garden. Yep, in April an air conditioner running. It has been that hot. Looking back at 2015, I noticed my 2016 spring is a carbon copy….seasons are something we can count on each year and our plants, like clockwork, come back to greet us each new season. They get older just like us.

IMG_8089I added more tulips to our Urban Potager this past fall. The orange and pink “Young Royal Tulip Duet” from Brecks are a delightful surprise this spring. This is their first year blooming. I call them my fun plants since they are not much for the pollinators, but they are “eye-candy” for me to enjoy as  I work in the early spring garden. I have chicken wire all over my vegetable garden, and I am busy hardening and growing many of my spring/early summer vegetables. I know they don’t do much for nature but they sure….


Lift my spirits! I am so busy adding MORE dwarf fruit trees, varieties of blueberry, and strawberry plants. This spring, I added another section to my asparagus bed. I have finally finished all my perennial fruit plants ( looks like I found some more places to squeeze some in!). They are small but in a few years will be producing enough fruit to keep us supplied throughout the winter. I finished my frozen raspberries, a few weeks ago. Yum, in yogurt! Organic fruit is just too expensive when you try to purchase it at the store. Growing “organic” fruit on your property is one way to keep yourself healthy and save money.

IMG_8086I wasn’t sure I liked these peony type tulips (Pink Star Tulip from Breck’s), but now I am enjoying them as they flop all over in the garden on top.I don’t know what is up with me this year and the color pink + orange!


When they first came out, I thought they were a bit unattractive, but boy did they sure catch my eye after they filled out a few days later.


As you can see from my photo above, I am all CHICKEN WIRED in for spring! I have had a tough time with some of my spring seedlings in years past. Most of them were eaten to the ground by our resident critters. Usually by this time of year; I have lost more than half of my cole crops. I put them out late March to early April when not much else is in the garden. Not this year! Nothing has been eaten. This next week, I will be taking most of the chicken wire down. As I work in our Urban Potager/Modern Day Kitchen Garden, I will enjoy my new tulips as they fill my day with beauty! I will be adding some more this fall in my garden beds, for me to enjoy each spring!