Time to change in our Urban Potager

blueberry leaves cover our urban potager in the fall…

The past few months I have been spending time figuring out what direction I want to take in 2016. I make plans for the future with my garden…..we are a team. Spending time with my hands in the soil teaches me about life and how best to heal with nature. At the end of each season, I ponder what worked, what didn’t, what can I do to make it a better place to grow food + heal with nature.


I work “with nature” to provide an oasis for those small creatures in my world that do not have a voice to call attention to themselves. As I heal each season, they heal and together we create a place, right in the heart of the city to learn from one another. We need them, and they need us…so we need to care about what we do on our city lot for what we DO does impact others.


This kale was started in late December 2014, and now it is as tall as me. It needed to grow tall to BE taller than our snow! Scarlet and Blue Scotch Kale are wonderful in our zone 5 area for they supply greens when most other Kale-types are no longer viable. I even had some come back this spring!


I keep the Dwarf Blue Scotch + Scarlet Kale for colder days in late Fall or Winter in our Gardens. I do have to start them in the spring and keep them covered from the rabbits. Our Lacinato (Dinosaur) and Red Russian Kale do not tolerate our single digits temps in the fall/winter.

I usually trim out the center rib in my winter kale. Some people use them.

If I don’t start my Blue Scotch and Scarlet Kale in spring with the spring Kale, I don’t have any to eat in the winter.


I eat kale all winter long in recipes. Here I have it with nasturtiums that are still holding on this fall. I love it sautéed with garlic, celery leaf and sesame seeds over a bed of rice.I did purchase a few cookbooks to explore new ways to cook with kale for 2016. Another one of my goals next year.IMG_9684 Heirloom White Casper Eggplant is one I have grown for the past five years. I have saved seeds from 2010 and each year they grow healthy plants.They are acclimated to my growing area, and I am finding they produce much later than the first season I grew them.

Casper is the King of eggplants in my urban potager!

I have buds growing on my eggplant in our cool fall weather. If you read about this heirloom, you will come across people claiming it tastes like “Mushrooms.” It really does! They are not lying, and many chefs prefer the white ones for flavor.(read more about Casper eggplant in immunity gardens)


I want to take a new journey in 2016 and share it with you as I try to create year-round food on our city lot in zone 5, USA. A year to show you how my garden grows….what I plant, how I keep pests away through organic methods, and what are the best types of plants to grow in a small city space.

Yacon Root-I have found some new foods to grow for 2016 that I trialed and want to learn more about in 2016

I am not suggesting my garden is the only way, but I have found over the years working in Palm Rae Potager that I have better luck with certain foods. I also feel it is personal preference and based on our health needs. We use our garden to help heal our bodies as well as nature around us in the city.It is a job that changes with the seasons and each year invites a discovery.

French heirloom Jaune Flamme Tomato that I saved seed for in 2015

I hope to share those with you this next year as I try to take you through my methods or process of creating a garden in 2016 that provides the bounty for us and nature on our city lot in 2016.

Move over sun-gold I believe Jaune Flamme can beat your sweet taste!

Happy Gardening!